The Day Michael Kors Followed His Customers


Readers! Do not worry. There was no stalking involved. But there was definitely some serious tracking involved. This digital campaign is a classic example of why brands should be listening closely to their customers. Keeping up with the digital trends and changing customer needs and purchase patterns, the experts at Michael Kors did a fabulous job of integrating their retail through the digital platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and their website

The effort was to propel e-commerce through a fan inspired digital campaign, “What’s in your Kors”, that would promote accessories for holidays and allow customers to shop for those items immediately.


Keeping in mind where their target customers, millennials, were active, the “What’s in your Kors” collection was showcased on social media, and it also fulfilled the customers’ growing need of urgency by allowing  a click-to-buy option. This generated a buzz on social media as well as drove traffic to the brand website. The brand cleverly engaged users by giving them ideas to accessorize their holiday outfits. The campaign was extremely interactive, popping up more information about a product, if a customer spent some time  checking it out.


The first collection was launched for the Fourth of July, focussing on red, white, and blue colors, symbolizing patriotism. The initiative was also in collaboration with PurseBlog, an online fashion magazine dedicated to fashion handbags.

Today, digital influences 20% of total luxury sales. Shoppers insist on interacting with the brands digitally. Michael Kors, simply stepped up their game to match their customers’ expectations. But maximizing digital impact doesn’t just mean having a user friendly website or social media accounts. It has to be a wise and continuous investment of the brand, and the biggest challenge usually faced is of creating of unique content that will connect with your target market.

Going digital and leveraging visual listening, Michael Kors projected their products as a lifestyle relevant in the lives of their customers. This made the brand more desirable and fun, forming a deeper connection with millennials tapping on their culture and behavior. The campaign also extended to a microsite that encouraged users to share ways of celebrating their holidays, thereby increasing interaction and dialogue between customers and the brand.

The question that now arises is what the brand will do to continue this  ongoing usability and interaction in this ever changing digital world.

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