Can you listen to what Nature is telling you?

Staring into the vastness of this body of water, I contemplate about the greater things in life, about life itself. Could we not forget everything and stay captured in this present moment?

I pull out my iPhone 6 and try to imprint this image the way my eyes see it. Maybe writing about this moment will make it more tangible, so when sometime in the future I decide to revisit it, or someone stumbles upon it on the web, this surreal feeling once again captivates.

If you think about it, the ocean teaches you so many things about life. The constant effort of the waves to touch the shores exemplifies persistence, discipline. The distant silhouette of ships against the setting horizon, inspires you to keep going on, strive to achieve, to reach your destination. The different patterns of the clouds in the sky, nature’s creativity at its best, telling you each individual has his/her own perspectives, but together we can still depict beautiful things. Life may not always be as perfect as this moment, but as the ocean tides through turbulence and serenity, so can we. 

Admidst this natural setting, I sit with my 79th organ and I think of all the changes it has made in the world, sometimes making life easier, sometimes making simple things complicated. But one thing is quite evident from my experience today, nature is and will always be there as it was even centuries ago. It is up to us how we connect with it, how we get inspired by it, and take some time off to listen and flow along with Mother Nature’s vibes. As for technology, just look how WordPress helped me put my thoughts out there into the world as I sit here admiring the enigma of the ocean. 

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