What Is Twitter Up To?

Looking for high end cars online? Don’t be surprised if your Twitter feed is concentrated with tweets from Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. Really? Why? How?

Well let me tell you the answer to why is that Twitter has has given advertisers access to more than 1000 Big Data target audiences. And how this has been done is by Twitter introducing an extension of its relationships with Acxiom and Datalogix under the feature ‘Partner Audiences’.


This feature allows advertisers to serve promoted tweets to Twitter users who have shown interest in their category.  Both Acxiom and Datalogix have huge amounts of data on consumer purchase behavior. In simpler words, they know what you have bought, where you have bought it, when you have bought it and so on. Now that Twitter advertisers has access to all this data, it is easy for them to track people’s purchase intentions off of Twitter and yet target them via Twittertarget

Twitter matches its user profiles with the partner databases through Twitter linked email addresses. Consumers will be consolidated in different categories such as Lifestyle, Retail, Finance and many more. This way advertisers from these categories can easily target their customers. 


This advanced advertising feature promises to deliver far more engaging and conversion-rich opportunities to both advertisers and users. Many brands such as Nestle have already tested this feature and are pleased with the results. What they did for the launch of their new product, Butterfinger Cup Minis, is that they targeted Twitter users who had purchased peanut butter candy from grocery and convenience stores.  This increased engagement for Nestle by 52%, proving that this feature is a huge drive for ROI on an advertising campaign.


Now don’t you privacy-concerned users worry about feeling intruded. This feature is opt-in and needs to be enabled in the privacy settings. Also Twitter assures all of its users that this data will have minimum audience size for all tailored audiences to avoid overly specific targeting.

Twitter’s new feature which was shortly announced after Instagram’s Carousel Ads roll out, has one advantage over it. Instagram is still a closed platform whereas Twitter is already open to all businesses. 

This data-rich targeting which leverages actual purchase behavior along with Twitter’s plan to sell the promoted tweets to other websites that aggregate tweets, so as to target people who may not be active on social media,  is an intriguing development in the world of digital marketing. And it definitely aligns more with marketers’ expectations of digital ROI. 

How’s that for going broad to get specific? Kudos!

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