A More Resilient World? | Big questions on post-covid culture

2020 has forced the entire globe to rethink the most cardinal questions for humankind, triggered by chaos stirred by #COVID19. Our most basic habits – for instance, shake hands to greet someone – needed to be unlearned. So now, each pause to rethink a “normal” action or decision offers up a choice – do we make one driven by fear or #empathy.

This deck takes you through seven key shifts, organised by signals, underlying forces, and the resulting new dynamics of the world we live in. From new categories of language to the return of function over fashion and everything in between, whether you design services, make products, manage a team or simply are curious about how people live, work and play – there’s something in here for you.

A voluntary collaboration with with three other brilliant female strategists from across the globe: Amy BrownRica FacundoAvery Schiffman.

State of Digital Fashion

An opinion piece on the emerging culture of digital fashion.
While retail therapy costs you more than just money today, fashion remains a predominant means of self-expression – here’s a nascent avenue that might just be the redemption of fashion for good.

Written for Your Majesty in partnership with the genius makers at The Fabricant.

Converse Brief: Cultural Relevance for New York Millennials

The strategy is simple and true to the brand –
In every one of life’s ever-changing instances, Converse will be your constant identity.

Deliverable: 6 second YouTube bumper ad prototype

Lie Unselfishly to Advance Your Creativity

An Op-ed on the hidden value of untruths at work.
If lying is unavoidably human, color it with compassion. Intention drives impact, so account for intention in understanding the behaviors and culture of untruths. But always lead with the impact. If we must, let’s lie to help ourselves and others, and to create a better world—just don’t ignore the behavior or its influence.

Published on Muse by Clio

Pantene: Power to Transform behaviour by taking the bias out of search with S.H.E.

The women who want hair transformations are starting to see how great hair days can transform their life.
But they need tangible ways to get over their own transformation anxiety.

Pantene gives women great hair days so she has the power to transform her day, her life, and the world around her.

S.H.E. has the Power to Transform

Cultural stereotypes have taught search engine algorithms to become biased. So we created S.H.E. – Search. Human. Equalizer – the world’s first equal search engine. S.H.E. is a Google Chrome extension that recognises the bias and neutralizes the results right before your eyes so you can see what a world with less bias could look like.

Spotlight the problem so women (and people) everywhere can help correct it and transform the world for the better.

When more people click on unbiased search results, they help impact future results for all. This will give women’s’ transformations the visibility they deserve.

In less than 24 hours S.H.E. maximised coverage with over 272M impressions reaching every 1 in 4 women.

1 in 4 people who visited the chrome store from the website, installed the S.H.E. extension to experience equalized search results.

Awards and Press:
Cannes Shortlist 2019 – Creative Data Storytelling
Cannes Shortlist 2019 – Direct Digital
Cannes Shortlist 2019 – Corporate Social Responsibility

USA Today, Refinery29, Thrive Global

Creative Strategy at Grey NY for Pantene North America