On captors and convenience

I sat down at 7 PM to do my morning pages. I could lie and say it had been a busy day (even on those days I’d most likely be wearing the old busyness badge slash facade), but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even a chaotic day. If you discount some last-minute curveballs, it was actually […]

On being enough

I’m not.Just not enough.Not talented.Not knowledgeable.Not even informed.Not determined.Not disciplined.Not working hard enough.Not capable.Not deserving.Not worthy enough.No.Not good.I’m not even good enough. Right?This constant voice in my head.This is it.It has to be.It’s enough.To make me believe.I’m not enough.No not even good enough. A limiting belief.A self-fulfilling prophecy.A blindfold.A bias, confirming. The visa that didn’t […]

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