about nishita


I’m on a quest to humanise “data” by exposing its underlying truths.

With roots in academic research and writing at New York University, I have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of building strategies which contain rigour, knowledge, and narrative.

I’ve specialised in creative data storytelling as an analyst, reframing the meaning of “data” into thoughtful and actionable signals.

An ambidextrous mind, Grey NY and GoodQues sought me out to spearhead a new approach to strategy anchored in cultural and behavioural data with an empathetic lens to create compelling and airtight brand strategies.

The red thread across my experience in different methodologies of strategy – including but not limited to brand, creative, digital, content, communication, product – has been to be the unbiased, clear voice of the human problem to solve. 

My expertise is combining the effective use of data and creative writing to inspire, measure, and validate blue-sky creativity that builds impactful brand platforms.

Nishita T.

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