On walls closing in

Bitten nails
Restless legs

The walls are closing in
In my head

The space fills up
A million thoughts

Future and past
A regret or a task

I ask
No answer

An hour goes by
The walls seem closer

Exhale I say
But the breath is held in

A whole monologue in my head
Yet not a syllable my tongue says

Pressure builds
Tightens around

Knots in my stomach
All the way to my neck

Gasp, for air
But where

I feel mocked
A decade ago I’d have laughed

Did I know better then
Or just didn’t care at all

Tears roll down
It’s midday and I’m driving

Back to the past
It won’t last

I turn around
A future nowhere is found

Lost, I’m lost

There’s no way out
But there is a way in

Go within
Let someone in

Share this load
But I’m not weak

No but you will be
The cracks are already seen

Don’t crumble
Pay heed

Open your eyes

I am here
For me

Have faith in this
Choose peace and ease

You deserve it
I see

The walls cannot close in on me
Just breathe

A new day is here
A new chance to believe

Take a tiny step
That’s how you lead

Life as it is
A willingness to be

Here now
Here for me

And now
And here

It’s a practice
Don’t you see

Safety or growth
Isn’t an either or

No it doesn’t have to be
Show yourself if you want to be seen

Pave forward
Make a crack those walls

When the light comes flowing in
Take it all in

Soak it all up
Lighten’ up

You made space
You chose to believe

It’s real
Now release

Remember this moment
When you didn’t give in

Next time those walls close in
Reach within

Let that light in
Stand tall

Grounded in faith
You’ve got it all

What it takes
Your life to make

It’s time to let go
What you can hold onto no more

First and foremost
Body mind and soul

Know this
It matters

You matter
That’s how you escape Pressure’s hold

No walls
Now you see

You can breathe
You’re free

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