Locked In

adjective : Bound. Committed. Attached. Attachment, it’s a dangerous place to be in. Because isn’t it , by definition, an add on, extension, an extra part (not inherent?). And yet most of this is exactly where we all live – in attachment – of someone, something, some place. The moment you gain a sense of attachment, […]

I surrender…

I began to thinkwhat do I wantthis year was about finding just thatnow it’s come to closeand I’ve never felt so lost It made me thinkwhat do I wantthat’s when I started finding myself… Deep within (it really is where the answers lie)But how often do we ever start there?How often do we even look […]


Blank – like a canvas. I write, I erase, I type, I delete. A thousand thoughts and no words at all. Blank – like a canvas. A restlessness, few feelings too many. This is where it all began. Outlet through words, a mind’s escape, my mind. A dream of today, born many yesterdays ago. A […]