A room full of people, unknownMuch different, alikeSongs, poems, and storiesOne theme – Resistance Young children they wereA voice they hadSomething to sayAbout – Resistance She sang a songI’ve grown up singingWe shall overcomeSoon, SomedayWith – Resistance They played a tuneI’ve known the rhythmYet tears rolled downWithout – Resistance Stories were sharedFears and hopes feltTogether […]

Big Picture

Such is the way of life of a wise person – retiring to their inner self, in their own company. I’ve started 2019 on a questioning note, which now that I think about it, makes total sense – it’s a natural response to observing. Not all that pleasant, not all I wanted. Yet good. And […]


Blank – like a canvas. I write, I erase, I type, I delete. A thousand thoughts and no words at all. Blank – like a canvas. A restlessness, few feelings too many. This is where it all began. Outlet through words, a mind’s escape, my mind. A dream of today, born many yesterdays ago. A […]