4C Analysis?


For all you diamond lovers out there, I have some interesting information. Try out the Gemological Institute of America’s app to find all you want to know about a woman’s best friend!

Now would you? No, I am not asking the question Tiffany’s is,”Will You..Marry Me?”. I am asking the questions for today’s digital era customers. Would you spend time to search for this app? Would you spend time to download it? And most importantly, would you give it space on your phone?


Let me show you why you would. Not only does it teach you with interactive tools the effect of the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat) on the value of diamonds, but it also takes you down to the origins of the carat system. It entices you with visuals of brilliant diamonds, and the self-explanatory videos engage you to explore more. Now that you know all about the 4Cs, it navigates you to what you really want, a beautiful diamond of course! You can add pictures of something you were checking out and fill in some information, saving it to your wish list so you get the exact one for you. And where exactly will you get this ‘one for you’? The app also provides a Retailer Lookup, where you key in your zip code and there show up all retailers who have GIA-graded diamonds and GIA trained staff as well. Isn’t that helpful? And all this just at the tap of your fingers from the comfort of your surroundings.

Once you have all that figured out, the app also provides you with the GIA report with authentic information to verify all you need to know about diamonds before you purchase. The report is charted out so any novice diamond buyer can understand in depth the anatomy of a perfect diamond. Additionally there are more tools to provide useful information on diamond  treatments, fluorescence, synthetic diamonds, and diamond stimulants. This way you know how to spot an authentic diamond. The purpose of this app is to solely act as a guide to a diamond consumer.

This app has an added feature for diamond retailers as well. It provides perfect over-the-counter presentations to educate clients. It also has content about GIA and the different way to contact them. There is a link to take you to the gem education section, if your dream is to pursue your passion for gems.

Easy navigation, content that can captivate you, and a clear call to action. This app truly serves its purpose. Although the GIA need to make this fact more known, so customers can take advantage of it. In general, the jewelry industry needs to leverage the power of apps to connect with its consumers.

So ladies, this is the one stop destination for you to find the perfect diamond for you. Gentlemen, know this is the place to sweep your lady love off of her feet by impressing her with the knowledge you have to get her the perfect one! And with the reputation of Gemological Institute of America to back you, you just can’t go wrong. Now isn’t it worth the 32.5 MB on you phone?


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