Being a misfit had always been a feeling way too familiar to me. And over the years I’d had more than my fair share of emotional battles attempting to conquer it, to fit in. At first I would ask myself why – why am I so different, so ambiguous, so confused.

Then I began accepting myself – embracing my uniqueness in mind, drive, and thought.

“I don’t get me, but at least I know me” – I had decided to stride through a misfitted life.

I was following my path of self-awareness in the hope that I would, one day, be leading my life. Little did I know that soon enough a series of events triggered by my new line of thought would change my life, forever, all in 5 seconds.

Creative Strategy Bootcamp

A place for ambidextrous misfits, a sandbox where ideas come to life, an intersection of creative minds and strategic thinkers – where all you have to do is break out (of your own fears) to belong!

Michael and Frances – the fearless leaders, the inspirational stories, the founders of CSB, and to me my eternal family. Both wildly talented and successful in their own worlds, they chose to channel their passion into bringing greater value to those in search of something more out of life. To me, they brought me real purpose, something that I have touched, felt, lived through.

6 weeks, 6 misfits, 1 concept –> 6 friendships born, 6 brands created, 1 family forever

These past few weeks have been the best, most fulfilling weeks of my life. I have pushed my limits, hustled Monday to Monday, delved into a whole new realm, overcome my inhibitions, stumbled on skills I never knew I had, felt moments of real connection, and built relationships that will last forever – all because a bunch of misfits chose to take this path forward together!

Being a misfit had always been a feeling way to familiar to me. And until recently I thought I had to figure it all out alone.

Then I experienced CSB – I met my crew, just like me, trying to figure out who they are, striving to get more out of life, braving it forward – together.

And in this sandbox called Creative Strategy Bootcamp – we simply fitted.

Shem, Sami, Thanyawan, Saavedra, Karina, Mike and Frances of course – You all are ROCKSTARS! Love you guys forever ❤

P.S. To all those who relate I strongly encourage you to go ahead and learn more about CSB. Misfit or not, I promise you will feel a new sense of belonging 🙂

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