What Do YOU Want?

IMG_4850It’s time. It’s that time, yes it has come.

To answer this question, maybe even question it first.

No one will tell you what to do, no one will stop you even. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? Independence, freedom of choice, of life?

Well it’s here, and now.

This post is one of those, it’s more for me, for me to put these thoughts out there, make them real. I stand at a crucial junction in my life, one where I have to make a choice, and of course not an easy one.

So I turn once again to the one relationship that has always helped me – mine, with my words.

I’m recently returned from one of the most beautiful travels of my life – Peru – an experience truly life changing, in ways more than one. It’s funny what a huge impact a little bit of travel can have on your mindset.

Yes. This is what I want, from my life.

I’ll write a separate post on those experiences in Peru, and the many thoughts that took over my mind as I learned about the land of the Incas – but that’s for another time. For now, I’m taking on just one of those questions that relates to my larger state of mind, my life.

In many ways this experience was a combination of many firsts – my first solo international vacation, my first vacation with my best friend, my first Peruvian wedding, of two of my closest friends, my first time in South America, my first step to a life I yearn for, first of many more.

All of this possible only because of decisions I made, by acting on things that I wanted to do.

Yes this is the question – what do I want? And I face it again, only this time in a more life changing way.

Most of my life has been pretty linear, I’ve followed the path showed to me by the people I’ve cared about, and have cared about me for the most part. Do I have regrets? Absolutely not -all of it has made me who I am. Because even though I was living a guided life, I have always made it a point to exercise my right of choice within that sphere. More importantly – the way I have dealt with every situation, reacted to every stipulation, has been my very own journey.

So today, after many months of self-discovery and many steps forward on the road to self-awareness, I have finally begun leading my life, not just living it.

So yes, it’s here, it’s time to ask this question, to answer it even – what do YOU want?

There’s no right or wrong, in fact not just one right way, no one to stop you, no one to instruct you, only support you, guide you, and some may even leave you.

It is all real from here – your decision, your choice, your desire, your want, your action, your consequence, your determination, your resilience, your mindset, your life.

What will you do? Will you finally step up, act on what it is you really want, act like the person you really are, rise above the protection, the shelter, where there is room to blame those who made the choice for you? Because it is all you from here – your success, your failure, your regret too. Question is what will all that be? What do you choose, what do you want?

A life – not black, nor white,
but many shades of grey.
A belonging – not one, not any
but everywhere, anywhere.
A calling – not today, nor tomorrow,
but with every new waking day.
A journey – not mapped, not known,
but everlasting to where my purpose lays.

This is what you want? Then this is what you should you choose, should act on, should do.


  1. This is brilliant, Nish! It is so apt for me at this point in my life! I absolutely love all your posts!

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