My Place

The Silence Walking Through The Void – Noguchi Museum, New York

“I feel at home everywhere because I never really am home anywhere.” – Isamu Noguchi

Now, more than ever, this sentiment holds true for me. I could have said these words, because that’s how much I feel them, live them.

Just a few years ago I had a dream – to live in New York City, to be a part of it, embrace it, have it envelop me, and ultimately perish to become one with it.

The dream came true. I became one with the city, I perished a version of me when New York stripped me of falsities. And then, I found myself.

As my perspective changed, so did my beliefs, I learned what my values were, that which made up my core.

I became less judgmental, I began to simply get the situation as it was there. Each new story of every new person widened my thought horizon, and I began to see life as I never knew of it.

Brooklyn became home, a place where I belonged – it was my place, where I had become unapologetically me.

I was now comfortable – comfortable yet yearning – yearning for some change – what it was I did not really know for a long time.

My place had now become my comfort zone – and that’s a dangerous place to be in.

But it was still my place, it is still my place.

I pushed myself to a new journey, of acceptance and gratitude, of self-awareness and purpose, and new dream – to fulfill that purpose.

Now I had a why, and that is bigger than every how, what, when, and most importantly where.

I opened my eyes to the world, and suddenly it all made sense – the place that I was looking for, that I had tied to New York City, was actually, all along in my mind.

It was New York that opened my mind – and once it opened, the answers came flooding in.

Who I was, who I wanted to be.

What value I brought, what brought value to me.

Where my place lay, wherever in mind that it may,

I am now free, not just in dreams but in reality.

My place I have found,

To my calling I am bound.

For I can belong anywhere,

As long as to my heart, my mind, my purpose, true I stay.


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