IMG_3303Every morning I wake up to this beyond beautiful view – sunrise, rays beaming onto the face of the earth, the clouds lined up with a different story to tell everyday, and the green, all that green 🙂

And every morning I think, “How lucky am I to be here” – to witness this, to experience this feeling, gratitude.

I’ve had so much to be thankful for, just in these last few days, and even though that’s what prompted me to write about this today, it’s not the only reason for my gratitude.

We usually reserve our, “Thank God I’m so grateful”, for the bigger things in life – a major life-event, a major relief – but honestly, it’s the little things that matter, that’s what I’m grateful for.

Waking up to nature’s inspiration in a place that became home – that’s what I’m grateful for
Having the opportunity of going into work in this beautiful city where dreams are made of – that’s what I’m grateful for
Being blessed with the chance to work with and learn from my mentor, someone who inspires me every moment, has my back no matter what – that’s what I’m grateful for
Having the freedom to make my own choices, from the bigger ones of where I want to live and work to even the little ones of what I want to eat for lunch – that’s what I’m grateful for
Knowing that I have someone to fall back on for unconditional support and guidance – that’s what I’m grateful for
Having someone who is my person – that’s what I’m grateful for
Being surrounded by people who inspire me every waking moment – that’s what I’m grateful for

Being independent – that’s what I’m grateful for
Being a part of my family, being able to be there for them – that’s what I’m grateful for
Being curious, and passionate, and free – that’s what I’m grateful for
I’m grateful for the adventure, I’m grateful for uncertainty, I’m grateful for all the small privileges and big opportunities,
But most of all I’m grateful to be alive and here, to know I have a purpose much bigger than my fears.

So with that thought in mind, my gratitude only grows, it makes me appreciate every single moment in life, it inspires me to be better, do better, follow my heart, be who I was born to be – because he who has a why to live for can survive almost any how – only, if only, we know how to be grateful, for all we have, for all we are capable of.

On that note - I'd like to express how grateful I am to be able to 
write, articulate what's in my mind, put it out there for anyone to 
come across. 
I'm grateful to each and every one of you who takes time to read thisand encourage me to do more of it. I'm grateful to have so many 
connections over something I'm so passionate about. 
And I'm grateful if this helps even 1 more person other than me, 
because like I've said, my writing, it's almost therapeutic for me, 
and that's a big reason to be grateful for!

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