A Simple Question

IMG_2738What is the one thing that if you could, you would want to do everyday, for the rest of your life?

A simple question, or is it?

A crucial answer.

Although, how many of us can answer this with the blink of an eye?

Then again, it is said, the feelings that are closest to one’s heart, are most often, the most difficult to articulate.

Writing. I don’t remember when it became such an integral part of my life, of me. The funny, or not so funny, thing is, up until recently, I didn’t think it had any value to anyone in the real world, other than myself, as an outlet.

I wish I had known, I would’ve done more.

It’s never too late to begin.

I truly admire people who from a very early age had the self-awareness to realize their strengths, their passions, and act on them. That kind of life, it is quite different.
It intimidated me, to think of it, it made me feel that I was too late, that I’ve lost too much time. It still does.

In each such moment, I have a decision to make – wallow in the uncontrollable past or strive towards a better future, my future. Because isn’t life the longest thing you live?

Lately this decision has been much easier to make – and this is one of those times when something is so close to my heart, I find it hard to articulate.

“1 in 10 people lack access to clean water.”

In these past 4 months, my mind has been racing in many different directions. My motivation changed, so did my perspective. From being stunted by uncertainty, I’ve come to fall in love with it. From finding a deeper connection with my passion, a found a larger purpose in it.

For a minute or two, every now and again, it concerns me, this rapid shift – Do I really know what I want?
And then I think – If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s probably worth going after. Right?

Another simple question, another crucial answer.

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