IMG_3246A position unfilled.

There’s more than one way to look at everything.

Life and its endless challenges, some familiar, some unknown, yet always there.

But isn’t that what makes life a living?

These past few days I’ve had this nagging feeling inside me that’s made me feel kind of insipid, like there is something missing, something not just quite right – vacant.

But what is vacancy but a space unfilled, a space empty, with room to be filled.

I’ve been occupying my mind with a lot of things and thoughts, which I now realize, I do not really see being a part of my long term life. Doesn’t sound right does it? But maybe it is. For it is this occupancy that has led me to address the vacancy in my life as well – that space that I want to fill, that gap that I want to bridge – with not just inspiration but action.

I read this blog yesterday written by Sara – Living in LimboΒ – and I could relate for feelings more than one, for reasons different yet true.

What I realize at the end of it all is – this, now, it is the time to take action. No plan is foolproof, no state failure proof, and no outcome certain. All we can do is take our best shot at bat, and be strong, be mindful, be real.

I have to take a decision, go all in for real. I can’t keep living in safety nets waiting for the “right” time, when I’ll be fully prepared, because honestly, when are we ever?

I was listening to this TED podcast recently – The beauty of the things we’ll never know by Pico Iyer – and in a moment of revelation I realized, how I’ve been looking at it all wrong. It is this element of unknown that brings exhilaration to our lives, it is what reminds us that there are far greater things out there than we seem to know, and that feeling, it is what humanizes us, excites us, motivates us.

So why then am I trying to figure it all out and ruin the mysteries of my own life, when it has been through the most unexpected, unplanned incidents that I have found a meaning in my life.

With this simple thought in mind, I am embarking on a new road, one more uncertain than known, with a determination stronger than fear, and a mind more vacant (to be filled with hope and opportunity) than full (of fears and inhibitions).

I wish you do the same πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for sharing these inspiring thoughts! It’s probably not a surprise that I also get caught up in my thoughts too often instead of actually taking the leap and do it, whatever it might be. I’m going to check out the ted talk now, thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. You definitely should, I’ve been coming across so many podcasts, articles, blogs (including yours) that I relate with and have inspired me to try and take this next step! I know we can do it ❀

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