I surrender…

Acceptance – it’s not just a 10 letter word

I began to think
what do I want
this year was about finding just that
now it’s come to close
and I’ve never felt so lost

It made me think
what do I want
that’s when I started finding myself…

Deep within
(it really is where the answers lie)
But how often do we ever start there?
How often do we even look there? 

I began my journey to self-awareness with the hope of being more present
I might be quite far away from that
but every now and again I feel it’s presence
These moments, more frequent now,
are nothing short of epiphanies
And I listen
with all that noise around me and inside,
I listen
in amazement
of how simple it was
how simple it always is

Stop chasing. Just stop. And let go.

There’s a relief in that surrender
an enlightenment almost
your head and heart start speaking the same language
and you know then
this is you in the becoming

The picture might look different, distorted even,
but it’s yours, and you’ll bring it to life

That might scare you,
and you’ll feel alone
but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing

It’s when you truly lay in the silence and solitude of yourself will you start seeing the untapped energy you hold

This to me feels like comfort – the discomfort of my own being.

There is so much more I need to do, sometimes I feel I’ve not even started
What I want ahead seems so vastly different than what I wanted yesterday (yes we all possess the right to change our mind)

One man can’t change the world?
but one is all you need to be YOU

You’ll have to be brave
you’ll have to overcome your fears,
more importantly,
the fossils of what you think, feel, know – 
because all you know is nothing
and that will keep your fire burning – to know

Life is starting to look a lot different, a lot unfamiliar
and yet a lot enticing, inspiring

I am here
partly scared and overwhelmed
partly just curious

And I surrender to this feeling
this unknown, uncomfortable feeling

And I’ve never felt better, more positive, more inspired
That this is where I’ll start
Life as I am going to know it

It will be difficult and you will feel uneasy
It will challenge you each and every step of the way
every day, every breath
You will get swept up into a storm
(quite literal as metaphorical)
And you will come out of it 
and changed
but your self
You have to let go, 
go. Will you?

I surrender. I accept.

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