Locked In

“Locked in or out?”

adjective : 
Bound. Committed. Attached.

Attachment, it’s a dangerous place to be in. Because isn’t it , by definition, an add on, extension, an extra part (not inherent?).

And yet most of this is exactly where we all live – in attachment – of someone, something, some place.

The moment you gain a sense of attachment, you lose your sense of objectivity (the freedom to look at what’s best). But how could you not, you’re invested now, locked in.

There’s comfort in the binding feeling, of supposed ownership, of knowing.

That may precisely be the problem.

Because the moment that feeling is even slightly challenged, you suddenly spiral into a frenzy of insecurity and doubt. The ties that bind become the chains of burden, and you can’t help but feel lost. You were supposed to know it all, isn’t it why you became attached?

But who said you had to stay there?

When the only thing constant is change, why would you be an exception?

When attachment gets in the way of peace or progress, it’s time to ask some questions, ones you may not want to answer or even necessarily have the answers to. But they need to be asked.

What was the reason for the attachment? Is it still there?
Do you really feel attached, or are you just holding on to it?
What is it holding you back from? 
Is it worth being held back?
Are you simply afraid, to be wrong, left out, or rejected? To fail?
Can you be attached, yet not get affected by the attachment?

It is not easy to be detached, not realistic even (for most), but what we can hope for is to be detached from the effect of that attachment. 


Strive to be intrinsic, and the feeling of attachment will fade into an innate emotion – one that evolves along with you, not getting in your way but making one, empowering you to break the chains, the fences, and the locks that keep you from the freedom of being yourself, the very best that you can be.

So when the attachment takes away value rather than adding some, when it becomes a burden not an anchor,  when it takes away the freedom of being a choice but instead becomes an obligation (to yourself, someone, something, some place), and you fear being wrong, rejected, or locked out in the unknown, remember…

For as bad as it is to be locked out by choice, 
it is far worse to be locked in by obligation.

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