Better Days

This was a song that once brought me angst /
Today that has flipped to a positive headline /

Better days are here to come /

Better days are here //

What changed was not the world around me, but me.
More precisely – my state of mind.

There are days when you pour your heart and soul and blood and tears into someone, something, someplace – only to get burned in return.
Maybe it was never meant to be, maybe you could’ve done more?
Maybe there was nothing you could do, maybe that’s just how it is.
Maybe there was a reason behind it all.
Or maybe it doesn’t matter after all.

So often we get caught up in the outcome of things – of how they are meant to be.
But for whom?
All our stories are unique.
Someone else’s boon is another’s bane.
Who is keeping count of what is lost or gained?

But you know your life, your mind, yourself.
You know your insanity, also what keeps you sane.
Your vices are yours and so are your virtues.
If you don’t know yourself, that’s all you should do.

Find out who you are, what really gets you going.
Only there lies the answer to your ultimate state of mind.
Only then can you answer what’s worth it what’s not.
Only then can you answer what lines will you draw.
Only then will you answer what deserves your blood sweat and tears.
Only then will you give your heart and soul to what truly matters.

And when you have the answer you’ll know,
better days are coming,
better days are here.

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