Stranger Love

“Should I be worried?” you asked me.

And I was quick to blurt out an emphatic NO.

I didn’t want to lose you, I thought.

But I never did have you, so what did I fear losing?

Could anyone take away what I feel for you?

Could anyone take away the beat my heart skips every time I see you?

Or could anyone take away that deep trenched angst I feel when your thought crosses my mind? 

I wish they would.

But no one can, no one.

No one can take away this idea of you in my mind.

Nor can they take away my growing intrigue.

And no one can take away that connection I share (with you) every time our thoughts align.

For I am absolutely sure our paths have crossed beyond any one reason. 

I’ve found you in this cosmos of chaos.

And that is an incredible truth.

No one can take that away from me.

This truth is that I am in love with you, because your mind is what drew me to you, because my mind belongs to yours.

And nothing else matters.

So yes you should be worried is what I should’ve said.

Because I believe there is a powerful connection here, a rare one as well.

And I want to know more, feel more, feel you.

So yes be worried, is what I am saying now.

Because I’m here, I exist, we do.

I should’ve told you this, and maybe I tried.

Maybe my words fail me with you, and I always get tongue-tied.

But that was then and this is now.

You exist in my cosmos of chaos.

But you have your own universe, a balanced one too.

I knew that all along, and still was drawn to you.

My love for you is unique, of that I am sure.

But my respect for you is higher, making it harder all that much more.

So for now I am grateful that you’ve touched my heart, my soul.

I have been in love, the purest kind I know.

And that is enough for me for now.

Because as strange as my love is, it is also a selfless vow.

To be as generous in intent, and a true friend.

To wish for your happiness above all.

So more lives you can touch through your mind, your heart.

As one such was mine, and it changed me more than ever.

This stranger love, will be my story – now, always, and forever.


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