summer ’18

Lately I’ve been on the move,
doing things, going places, thinking thoughts, lately.

Lately I’ve been thinking through,
my life, my path, my people too, lately.

Lately I’ve been digging deep,
into my being, my heart, my soul, lately.

Lately I’ve been asking questions,
on who I am, what I want, why even, lately.

Lately I’ve been living such,
each moment seeking truth sweet and bitter,
Lately I’ve been losing touch,
with things and people who couldn’t really matter,
Lately I’ve been having thoughts,
and then some more making me re-consider,
Lately I’ve been seeing things clear,
in awareness I find the peace I’m looking for, lately.

Often we get so caught up with life that we begin to live on our muscle memory, doing things we are used to, meeting people we are used to, thinking thoughts we are used to. Life for the most part lets us continue on, lets us think we are leading it. But every once in a while it will send us reminders, gentle or not, that in fact, it is life that is leading us.

This past month has been a series of such reminders, gently speaking to my deeper conscience, asking questions that provoke thought, thought that will ultimately provoke a change, a change I feel in my very being.

From real life stories, to inspirational action plans, to living a life that was once an aspiration, a dream even, it’s becoming more and more evident to me that our lives are a conscious manifesto of ourselves. There is no fixed narrative (despite what anyone may tell you), in fact, living life outside the narrative, that’s where magic happens. It is through living each little chapter of your life, that you come to reevaluate, realize, edit even, the grand story of your life.

I guess what I’m trying to get through in essence is that,
it’s ok if you’ve been feeling a feel lately, it’s ok if you’ve been thinking a thought lately,
it’s ok if you’ve been having a hard time figuring out your life, your relationships, your work, yourself even, lately. It only means that you are letting life remind you that this is not it, that there’s more, there’s more if you want it, there’s more if you’ll have it, there’s more if you realize it.

Because you don’t ever have to do anything, you get to do something. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot, lately.

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