No One Tells You This

IMG_9179That one day you will be living in the city of your dreams /

That one day day you will be living the life you hadn’t even dreamed of /

That one day you will be living life outside the usual narrative, and it will be fabulous /

That one day you will be sitting in a room full of brilliant women discussing the larger things in life, just like you had dreamed of, and you will learn that lemon water is the secret //

My first experience at a writing salon hosted by the Abby and her wonderful team at Novella, meeting some even more wonderful women from all tastes of life, all ages, all chapters, all here together bound by the common love for words and community. Through my conversations I shared the exhilaration of those who had just moved to New York City to pursue their dreams. I shared he opinions of those who spoke about the social constructs of age, gender, success. I shared the anxieties and aspirations of whose who chose to speak their truth. I shared the perspective in different stories each born from our own individual characteristics.  And we all shared the story of Glynnis MacNicol who inspired us through her unconventional take on living life on your own terms, the ones that no one tells you about.

Date: July 24, 2018
Place: Lou & Grey
Community: Novella
Book: No One Tells You This
Author: Glynnis MacNicol
Prompt: Age

A number, a benchmark
A landmark milestone /
A fear, an inspiration
Even a goal to some /
The passing of time, the embrace of life
It’s wisdom and insanity, freedom and clarity
A reminder of what is, also of what is yet to be /
It’s a definition, a perception
But certainly not of you
It’s an experience unfolding
Maybe even a story or two /
It’s a choice it’s a will
And anything but still /
One year or many together
Of past, the present, even the future
‘Yours and only yours it is this age’
Your canvas blank
To paint your picture //

P.S. It is for nights like tonight that New York will forever remain the city of dreams, and even when I now know that there is a much larger world that I dream of, that awaits me, New York will always be the place that sparked this dream. It is here that creativity brews magic and stories come to life to someday sparkle all across the world, spreading the magic in the air that breathes life in New York. Thank you Novella for a wonderful night 🙂

P. P. S. If you want to know the secret of lemon water go buy a copy of the book and hit up Glynnis!


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