keep on goin’

A place unimaginable, forlorn, and fearful. 

A place you have to pass by, pass through, sometimes live in.

A place that is born in a single thought –

“I don’t know.”

If you think about it, this is said so many times, it might as well be the most known thing you hear.

What do you want to do for dinner? - I don't know.

What should I wear for this event? - I don't know.

What's his name? - I don't know.

What's the name of that place we went to? - I don't know.

Too often, too real.

So now you’d think most people are very comfortable with being in the unknown?

But then if you really think about it, ask some questions just a layer deeper..

What do you want to do..in life? - I don't know.

Where do you think you'll be in 5 years, months maybe? - I don't know.

What is it that you like about him? - I don't know.

What are you feeling? - I don't know.

Uncertainty – it’s the fear driving the unknown.

It’s when this fear clouds your life, your future,  that you start experience the anxiety of the unknown, in the unknown.

Me? I’ve become ever too familiar with this place.

So familiar that in an epiphanic moment I decided to make this place my home.

We try so hard to plan our lives, our futures, our feelings even – what we forget is that we are only human. This universe is much much larger than our plan for life in it.

If life is a game, we are just all just one single player of one team of the many. We are there to just play by the rules (or not!). Where we often get mistaken is that we are not here to defeat life, that’s not realistic. And more importantly, it has plenty of curveballs!

Death defeats life, and we don’t want that either!

So then our best bet is to play our part, play it like it’s all we have (because it is), play it like the best versions of ourselves, the truest ones.

We don’t know what’s going to happen, and it may not be our fault – but it is our responsibility.

Take it on, take it far, make it yours – this unknown.

Embrace it, challenge it, get comfortable in the chaos – of this unknown.

A place familiar, hopeful, and fearless.

As I’ve come to say now – “What is unknown is an endless realm of possibilities.”

~ NT


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