Naming Your Feelings


What are they?

Where are they born?

Where do they die? Or do they?

Can words do justice to the feelings you feel?

Or can feelings truly express what you say through your words?

Different people. Different feelings. Different meanings.

I rarely struggle with words on paper, but to express my feelings I hesitate.

I have no inhibitions in verbalizing my opinion, yet articulating my feelings I deviate.

What is it that you feel? What are all those feelings?

Name them. Name them. Name your feelings.

It all begins with getting in touch with your emotions, those distant strangers you know all too well.

And yet you choose to call them strangers, because at this point, that’s what makes sense.

I see these feelings walking through the streets, the parks and sidewalks, even the halls.

I see them changing faces all the time, changing with each and every fall.

When you speak of feelings you can’t escape the one,

the one that is fear, the companion of them all.

You fear to love, you fear getting hurt, you fear to be courageous, you fear breaking inhibitions, you fear disappointment, you fear being let down, you even fear to be happy sometimes, and you fear to hope many a times.

Fear. It’s a feeling. You named it.

And that’s a start.

There is a reason for all our feelings, believe it or not, a rationale even.

Maybe if you knew this you wouldn’t be so afraid, of these unknown feelings, unfamiliar even. You’ll have acquired the power of knowledge and you’ll have understood the science behind it all – naming your feelings.


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