On holding it together

How do you hold it together
When your whole world seems to fall apart
And you barely have some mettle 
Let alone any remnants of steel

You hold yourself together
With tape and glue and scraps
Any shard you can hold onto
Every fragment of your heart

Darkness is calling you
And you’ve never been more drawn
You romanticise it
Convince yourself 
It’s what you want

Just let go and spiral
Free fall into its arms
Wouldn’t that be nice
If nothing else 
It’s so easy to succumb

The tape and glue and scraps
They aren’t enough
Even a simple paper cut
And you’d bleed out your heart

You float around the thought
Your mind
Where does it belong

I belong to myself
A ray of hope comes along

You wander into your dreams
You try to make sense 
You see infinity
There’s so much more in there

Let go of your past
End that story where you didn’t have a choice
You didn’t use your voice
But you have one

Now even your dreams tell you to be assertive
Rebuild yourself from scratch
You have the tape and glue and scraps
But you have so much more

There are scissors to cut
Scales to measure
A pencil to write down
Your own future

A blank canvas to colour
However you want
Rebuild yourself
Build a stronger scaffold 

You’ve held yourself together
Reality is a good reminder
Change is the only constant
A good thought to consider

Nothing is still
Not the moon nor clouds nor time
They all pass you by
As does life

You can choose to hold on
To the fragments of your past
Or you can choose to rebuild
And create your now

Show up for yourself
Not tomorrow not day after
But now

Now is your time
The show must will go on

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