On showing up

We are here
For each other
For us

What made these women come together and share
Not that anyone had anything less to do
Nor any fewer holds on their calendars 

But we were all here
In that Zoom call
(Otherwise so transactional and scheduled)
With our guards down
Speaking from our hearts
To faces old and new

For me
All I knew was their profile
So what made me want to share what I was going through
Things I had not said out loud to even myself in silence

Maybe it was the fact that we always showed up in that Zoom invite
Every Friday
Just to talk about how we are doing
No hidden agendas
No obligations

We simply show up for each other
And maybe 
That’s how we show up for ourselves

Knowing that each one of us is here 
Because she had a choice
And she chose to show up
She chose to share
She chose to be real

And that is not only vulnerable
But also immensely brave

And an incredible honour
To share this together
The intimates of our mind and heart
To build genuine relationships

A powerful impact
Of showing up

There is a sense of freedom 
In letting your thoughts and feelings out
Sharing them with those who show up for you

For me
It makes me feel more human
More connected
And closer
(Even in that virtual world)
All because I know there is a sense of trust
A shared intent

We are here to share
To care

We feel each others’ emotions
The joy, the pain, the sorrow
We feel
Because we are open to
We are willing
Because we have shown up
No hidden agendas
No obligations

We made a choice to be here
We want to be here

That’s it

Maybe it’s knowing that
We want to be here
Makes us feel comfortable in being ourselves
Bringing our whole selves 
Every time

Now isn’t that something to think about

If you want to be in your city
If you want to be at your job
If you want to be in your relationship 
If you want to be friends

If you can be
Anywhere anytime anyplace
Where you want to be yourself

Your full self

Maybe you’ll let yourself be – your self
And you’ll be comfortable in doing so, being so – your self

I am
It’s a full sentence 

It’s free from “having to”
(be someone or something)
From obligation and judgement and expectation
(of being someone or something more)

I am “a relationship, a title, a feeling, a thought”
If I say this, do this, don’t do this
What will they say, feel, think

Let go of the “ifs” and the obligations and the judgement
Fall back on your instincts
Show up as yourself
In every moment

That’s how you show up for yourself
That’s how you really show up for others

And isn’t that the foundation of every healthy relationship
No hidden agendas 
No obligations
Just show up
As yourself
For each other

That’s all it takes
Showing up

Ladies Who Strategize was started by the magnanimous and brilliant Kim Mackenzie in 2016 to create a genuine and safe community of female and non-binary identifying strategists. I couldn’t be more grateful to her and this wonderful community who have always been a source of inspiration, and today are also my source of strength.

To apply to this community use this link.

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