Nieuw Begin

Wish you a Super ’18!

There is a deep sense of satisfaction in doing what you love. No, I’m not simply saying this in the ‘big picture of life’ kind of way.

Sitting on my bed, wrapped up in my comforter, warm tea and a candle by my bedside, and my Mac on my lap – writing – I’m certainly home! (Not only in the literal sense, but more attuned with my mindset of belonging anywhere).

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

New year, new beginning. All clichés aside, 2018 – it’s going to be transformative.

I find it, once again, necessary to make myself accountable through what I know best, the power of words.

2018 will be transformative. It will challenge you on every step, push you (quite literally) out of your comfort zone, present you with many opportunities (each of which you can doubt and give in to fear – but you will not), make you question your priorities towards places, people, and practices alike, throw curve balls at you which you will NOT be able to plan for (don’t even try, embrace them), and in the end it will teach you something more important than life as you know it now – to live in purpose. And, you will have told more stories.

There is a nervous energy that burns inside of me, the kind that keeps me real yet fuels my imagination. I can’t wait to live this chapter, tell you all my story. And I truly hope you all feel this way about someone or something too. Happy New Year 🙂

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