One Step Forward

312 days. screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-6-36-53-pm

Along this journey, which by no means is complete (or even close to), I’ve stumbled a million times, fallen a few hundred of those, and even failed in some versions. But somehow, I found it in myself, and through stories of others, to keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other.

I’ve always been a very persistent person – agreed that in my past life I spent most of this persistence betting against myself – but then one day, through words spoken as if they were spoken to me, for me, I decided to bet on myself, and I’m not talking small stakes, I went ALL IN.

I must say it was sheer belief, faith in my North Star, that kept me going at first. Then came the times when the process tested me, my patience (or the lack of it)! This taught me to pivot, also to reform, but most importantly it taught me to evaluate myself. I learned to own my strengths, even open my mind, to question myself and my intent, to learn to be accountable for my own self.

At first, when questioned, “Who do you want to be?”, I found it so difficult to articulate, claim, the vision I had for myself. It was in that moment that I quickly realized, I was the one in charge, which means I could either facilitate or impede.

I started taking steps to realizing this person I said I wanted to be, I committed to habits that now are a way of my life. I observed that in situations where I was the most authentic version of myself, I was able to communicate my passion without trying to hard.

The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do.

The key here – DO.

Each time something didn’t work out, and I got disheartened, I was reminded of the words said to me by a well-wisher, “Don’t just live your life, lead it.”

Was there any value in complaining? Was there a return?

You want something? Good. Go get it.

If I wanted to build something, I had to create.
If I wanted to be a writer, I had to write.
If I wanted to do something, I had to put in the work.
If I wanted to meet someone, I had to knock on doors.

After knocking on several such doors, I find myself being invited in. And to be honest, some of these doors, I didn’t even know existed. It was only after I opened my mind and life up to possibility, that I now have discovered the abundance of opportunity, linear and tangential. I’m carving out my niche, drawing from my own journey of self awareness, from betting on my strengths, and focussing on bringing value.

2017 is about patience and putting in the work. 2017 is about new opportunities to create, and give back. 2017 is uncertain and also unpredictable. 2017 is starting to look very exciting!


(Title inspired from someone who I stumbled across in this journey of non-linearity, someone who opened my mind to a whole new parallel way of life – Johnny Ward. Read his story to find out how.)



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