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Here’s to rescuing every thought in my mind, and releasing it into reality!

img_1133Greenlight Bookstore – I didn’t even know what I was looking for, browsing through all those notebooks. It’s a weakness, I tell myself. In reality, I think it’s an addiction – my addiction for words, for stories.

Although a lot of my stories live here, online, I still remain the ‘put a pen to paper’ kind of girl. I don’t even remember when this image was first cast in my mind, but it sure has remained – a notebook, a coffee shop, my ideas written into life – a memory engraved.

Lately, and I’m not sure why, (maybe it’s  a sign, maybe pure coincidence), but I’ve been coming across many other stories that seem to be just like mine.

Let’s start by talking about M Train by Patti Smith.
A small bookstore in Williamsburg , Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers, a plethora of book collections, one book placed slightly offset amongst others right by the cashier, the matte black cover catches my attention.
Memories, art, conversations, stories, coffee – how can I not read this?

At the time I didn’t realize how much I would relate to the writing.

“My yearning for him permeated everything”

More than one meaning, more that one thought, my mind races.

The whole point of this notebook, is to capture these very thoughts and transform them into stories in that very instant. The journey of the story from my mind to reality, thoughts to memories, imagination to existence, and now offline to online. Here is where it will live – for the world to see, feel, in the hope to connect and build more stories from – just as I am building stories from the words of others, whose stories are just like mine, only different.

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