I Talk To GaryVee Everyday

Pretty much. img_0819-png

I moved to NY over 2 years ago, a young girl, shielded and linear. Most of the times I was told what to do and I simply obeyed. To be fully honest it wasn’t complete compliance, and the small remnants from each time is probably what stirred the whirlwind of changes that I was about to encounter.

I changed, which in turn changed the circumstances around me, which changed the dynamics of my relationships, which in turn changed me. The biggest change of all is now the only constant in my life today – my north star.

Part of the process of self-awareness is a series of tests you undergo, some for yourself, some for the others around you, some for your habits, some for your feelings. Think of it as a filter – the remains are the real value. It takes a different kind of courage to embrace those.

Not to break off on a philosophical note, but my thought for this post is one little aspect of this process.
At 24, when you uproot yourself from the one place that was home and move 8000 miles away, you experience life a little differently. For me, it was more like coming home to NY. I blended into the pace, the culture, the hustle. I’ve met more people in the past 2 years than I did in the 24 before that, with each person, a new story, a new connection.

Today at the edge of 26, I’ve become less emotional about the length of the relationship, and more inclined to the value of it, for me as well as the other person involved. I take a little inspiration from GaryVee in the sense I try to bring value in the best way possible.

The result: lesser meaningless conversations, lesser noise, lesser people – lesser irrelevant people. This has allowed me to gain so much more time in my day – time for myself, my goals, my family. It feels good to put in the work, even better to see it bring value.

img_0823-pngToday, I can say (a little boastingly so) that even though the number of my conversations is a lot less than what is was, if it’s conversations with GaryVee – who’s complaining?

And that my friends, is the magic of social media (yes it’s been a while since I spoke about this). Many of the people in my life are either digital connections, or a result of them (shoutout to Tony Lee – on of my most valuable connections). Not too many of us realize the power of this medium, the ease that it provides – to build stories, connections, even yourself.

This is the primary reason I endorse it – authenticity. We live in a world of inauthentic authenticity, and the only thing that withstands the bullshit is authenticity.

Social media is this authenticity. It’s speed, connectivity, relevancy. It’s belonging, community, reality.

You all know by now that I believe in the power of a good story – social media is millions of them! And so I’d like to end this post with a question for you – what is your definition of social media?

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