What Drives You?

Today is as good a day as any to really question what is driving you? Do you really know what it is?

A little context would be to trace back these last few hours which have been devastating yet indisputably historic. We are living in the most unreal times – things we brushed off thinking would never happen (think Brexit, and now Trump presidency) are more than real and happening.

I can’t help but wonder how, how did this happen? What made the majority of this country, this superpower, choose a leader, who for lack of better or worse terms is nothing but a spoilt brat according to me. I could easily turn this post into my own personal opinion on Donald Trump, but what value is that of? Instead I want to use my voice, this platform, to put forth this question and make anyone who reads this really think of this one thing, and probably the most important thing – What drives you?

For many, and what is clear from last night’s election results, it is fear – something so easily planted with one tiny seed and which can outgrow into a manifestation clouding all other reason.

For some, it’s hope for something better – the perfect illusion always just around the corner.

For others it’s acceptance – feeling wanted, loved, needed – although there is enough room for everybody just as they are, isn’t there – different, yet together.

For most it’s power – the smell of authority, fear, obedience.

And yet what it really should be, and few are lucky to see it, is happiness, your own happiness – one that comes from a secure place within yourself, one that allows you to think, not follow thoughts, one that breeds positivity and growth, not subdue them, and above all makes your life better, this world better.

A dream is a powerful thing. A dream with ambition is a goal, and the passion to achieve this is drive.

I guess this piece could’ve been written up as many micro posts, but at this moment in time, it’s simply my channel to express my many thoughts – thoughts that I know many of you are thinking, questioning, thoughts that we will form a connection over – this is my hope – that something good will come out of it, something good that we will create. Because this is what meaning is, isn’t it? Becoming aware of a possibility against the background of reality.

Now more than ever, I’m sure of my own impetus: the drive, the passion for my goals, the respect for opportunity, the meaning of my meaning of life – my north star. I hope reading this takes you one step closer to realizing yours. Because now is all you’ve got. Because this moment in time, it’s real, it’s happening, it is. The only reality – acceptance. The only constant – change. The only controllable variable – your hustle. The only thing that matters, self-awareness.

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