When GaryVee Calls

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-10-31-47-pm1 minute is eternity, every second of the sixty is fire, and the moment is not only epic, but historic.

Apologies for the short post, but I had to share my excitement, in fact excitement is underrated right now, I’m exploding! And what better way to express this emotion but through my writing, the purpose I found through the man himself – GaryVee!!

I had asked Gary a while back, does he ever prep for the talks he gives. His response was – NO – obviously!img_0823-png

I myself have never been prepared for this call – a dream come true. But it was exactly as I thought in my head, and I said exactly what I wanted to. Why? Because I truly feel it, believe it, and so – I live it! He IS my North Star.

I recently wrote about how I talk to him every day, it’s my truest intent. This call – a reward. I think of the time that I first interacted with him – it’s been a long way since. This journey – my process. Like GV says, “What do you want to do everyday for the rest of your life? DO THAT.” – That’s what I have been, am, and will be doing!

Putting in the work for my meaning, my purpose.

When you are self aware of who you are and where you want to be – miracles happen – because you hustle to make it happen!

I thought so many thoughts about what I had to lose, I thought so much about losing it. But then I realized how lucky I am to have something that I fear losing. In one word – grateful. For years I lived in the unknown, not knowing meaning, or purpose. Now I live in the purpose of my meaning every day. And every day I try, I fight, I get fired up, I do. For this journey, I’m grateful. For this purpose I’m grateful. For knowing you, I am grateful. For you, I am grateful. Maybe I’m not doing something right, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to even try, I’m grateful to live to try, to live in this day and age to be able to try, I’m grateful for this drive to try. And this gratitude is the reason I will never give up.

Thank You GaryVee!!

For all those reading this – follow your dream, your heart, your purpose – take charge of your life. Who knows it might change in a minute – THE minute (When GaryVee calls) – Find YOUR GaryVee, YOUR North Star ❤

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