Who’s Scared Of Butterflies?

Yes. It’s true. Butterflies freak me out. And until today I could never explain why to every person who gave me this weird “Are you crazy” expression when I told them this. So why today you ask?


I started watching Casey Neistat’s Vlog this morning. And boy am I hooked! So couple of weeks back, when I met DRockGaryVee’s right hand man THE creator of DailyVees – he told me about Casey. In fact he warned me that once I started watching, I wouldn’t want to stop. And when a guy like DRock tells you to watch something that inspires him, you know it’s going to be pretty amazing! Casey makes a Vlog EVERYDAY, and he started over a year ago, so you can do the math! With 2 weeks left for my big Capstone presentation, I promised DRock I would reward myself with Casey’s content if I did really well wrapping up my Master’s program.

Coming back to the original point – butterflies. In the very first Vlog, Casey’s wife says butterflies freak her out because you don’t know where they are, and whether they are going to touch you or not! THAT is it. I actually said this out loud.

There are so many million stories around us, countless moments of life. Every one of them unique to an individual, and yet somehow you connect with them. We have literally every medium (pun intended) to tell our story. Words. Pictures. Videos. It’s never been easier to share your life with people all over the globe. You never know who’s life you will end up touching. We’re living in the most exciting digital space where communication is disruption and boundaries are only virtual. So go on and be authentic. Color your white space. Show your passion. Share value. Learn a little something from others.

I know I do. Today, I’ve successfully earned a degree from New York University – Master’s in Marketing – and yet I’ll always be a student of learning – forever.

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