IMG_8913A state of mind, a state of life, an obscure place, a clean slate – blank.

Where words can be written, paint splashed, sketches drawn, creations created – blank.

Re-written, erased, re-drawn, re-made, again and again and again – blank.

A new idea, an old one revived, re-do, re-make, create, keep creating – blank.

A picture painted, destroyed or re-painted, re-done or re-tinted, a canvas created – blank.

A free space, a free mind, a free life left to be filled in – blank.

We all wish for a blank slate every once in a while to fill in with the patterns of our desired life. And yet, if given this blank slate, the first thing we do is paint a picture on it, quite literally.

The canvas of our mind is always filled and ever-changing with painted ideas of life as we want it.

And yet, the essence of life lies in the stillness of the mind, free and blank, waiting to be filled? Or simply waiting to reflect?

For what better way to inspire the creator than being presented by a canvas – blank.

Isn’t that how we all came into being?

The canvas of life is created and erased, time and again wiped off to a blank slate.
If it remained imprinted with the stories of the past, how would there be space for any new art?
How then would we progress, how would we make way?
To move on ahead we need to make space.
We need to clear the way, we need to clear the mind, from all past inhibitions of any kind,
We have to own our own blank canvas, reflect and let go, take more chances,
For in these instances will be have grown, to have let life be the creator of a masterpiece unknown.


P.S. I’ve been cheating on my blog with my notebook, it’s something I resort to doing when my own mind is overcrowded with thoughts, or might I say occupied with painting a million pictures. As I make the journey of erasing past inhibitions painted as thoughts across my mind, I look forward to sharing my blank canvas with you, ready to begin an adventure led by life as I will know it.

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