When Words Fail


Wonder Woman Inspirational Power And Strength Through Words Art Print by Marvin Blaine

A little girl writes a poem on her father when tasked with writing about her hero…

A girl makes a choice to choose her passion over others…

A strong woman cites she owes it all to her mother…

A self-made woman makes way in her life for a significant other…

Women all colors and ages come together and start a movement…

Women all shapes and sizes bring forward a new era,

Of equality, compassion, and respect.

A woman’s strength, a woman’s empathy, can leave the world at a loss of words,

A woman’s sacrifice, her courage and compassion, no words can make up for that, truth be told,

When all else fails, she still has hope, and with that hope she builds a new future,

She makes it look bright, she shines and burns for it all,

And when all else undermine, ridicule, and exploit, she still is brave and she still stands tall,

When words fail to tell her story, that right there is the legend untold,

A woman, her story, let it unfold, it will unfold.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a woman, the journey that starts as a little girl who believes that nothing is impossible, who is told she is a princess, and who will one day grow up to find her prince. And I know the times have changed, and we women have now come to realize that we are the only queen we need in our kingdom. But we all still need gentle reminders of this every once in a while, for these reminders are the reckoning of a larger awakening, one which is overdue, one which is inevitable, yet delayed. Our stories will be told, told as the legends they are meant to be, and this post is a reminder to myself, that my words will not fail to be a part of it all.

~ NT


  1. Loved this. And my best friend’s little girl turns two in a couple of months — maybe I’ll send this poster to her for her room!

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