The Greatest

To be here and to be alive, it simply is, the greatest. IMG_2145

It took me just 2 hours outside of the city to realize how much I needed it, the whiff of nature, the breath of fresh air.

So there I was, after 10 miles around the Appalachian trail, lying on plain ground, staring up at the blue sky – grateful.

There are moments when we all experience a sudden streak of appreciation, perspective.  These moments, although rare and stealthy, are sometimes all you need to feel alive. To be here, and present.

These moments, you will notice, often occur when you are in your purest mindset – most often it is when you are truly vulnerable, or amidst nature (which is also when you are truly vulnerable). 

If you live in a city, you’ll realize how quickly you forget what it is to be in the presence of natural abundance, of the natural life, wild and free. The rules here are different, in the sense there aren’t any –  Live and let live.

That’s exactly how I felt, free. I’d forgotten how much I love to explore, just walk where my heart wanders, where my curiosity leads. I’d forgotten the immense joy I felt in such adventures. It took me back to the times when as a child I would wander off exploring the paths down to the river in my neighborhood, pretending to be on a mission as a part of the Secret Seven club. The same feeling, the same adventures, a different me.

Why had I, rather when had I forgotten that some of my greatest memories were born, right here, in the arms of nature, that some of these greatest adventures are the essence of me, my life?

Think about it, when was the last time you really took a moment to appreciate the natural beauty around you? When was it that you last took a break from this modern life and wander off into an unplanned adventure? When did you fully disconnect from everything else and simply just be present in the moment that is now?

So easy, and somehow so difficult.

But then again, it is in from the greatest of difficulty, that are born, the greatest of all times – memories, people, and lives.

So embrace your life in all it’s purity and natural abundance. Don’t settle for being good, be great, the greatest.

Like I said, (and it is how much we don’t realize), that to be here and alive, it simply is, the greatest.



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