It’s All About Love

As a single girl in New York City, I’m often asked about my dating life. Especially in this swipe economy, not being on a dating app is looked at with nothing but plain horror. “How will you meet someone?”, is the most common question I get asked. To this I usually respond, “I would like to actually meet them.”

And so I did! Just last night, in Washington Square park.

I’ve never experienced so much love all at once, so overwhelming, so different, so pure, so much.

Who is it?

Wouldn’t you like to know!

One person, one word – GaryVee! IMG_1915

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. (Well maybe the picture gave it away!)

Although a writer, I’m always at such a loss of words when I talk about GaryVee, and the role he plays in my life. Truth remains – he is my North Star.

But you already knew that. So let’s first talk about this thing called love.

We live in a world where there are so many shades of it. Never before have we been more open and accepting of love in all shapes and forms. The internet has given us the power to express our feelings, our adulation. Above all, it has allowed us to really belong to this love, through a community, a mutual shared feeling.

If you have ever witnessed or been in the presence of a GaryVee meet up, you would know the power of this love. Hundreds of strangers from all over the world, bound by their common adulation, their belief in a unified vision, GaryVee’s vision.

There was so much positivity in the air last night. Even people who did not know him, couldn’t help but join in the excitement of VaynerNation. I heard so many stories of people, their dreams, their hustle, how their lives had changed, how they had changed their lives. The common thread through it all – gratitude. Gratitude for the man who is hustle personified. But that’s not why I believe in him, that’s not why he changed my life. It was his unabashed real-ness that resonated within me. It’s what defines him, builds his legacy.

My Vayner journey has transformed not only my life, but my self as well. It’s made me self aware, it’s made me brave, it’s made me more grateful. If there one thing that surprises me even today, is just how genuine this one man is. He stood there for three hours, talking to every Vayniac, answering their questions, taking pictures, giving hugs. Isn’t this what true live is? Spreading joy, spreading love, spreading positivity.

And isn’t this then, the kind of love that the world needs more of? The one that makes positivity louder!

As I stood there thinking about how much this meant to me, and to all hundreds of others who came all the way out here, late at night, only for the love of it all, I couldn’t help but wonder – If only we had more people like this. And then I realized, that we do! All of us out there, we were one, one large community.

And this is the reason why I say, it’s all about love, love of all shapes and forms, love that will bind us, embrace us, and above all elevate us, into a greater cause, a greater good. All we need, is to find that connection.

As I was bidding goodbye to Gary and DRock, DRock pulled me aside and said – Don’t think so much, just do, just create. More, more, more!

It was almost like he knew what I was thinking – about a new initiative, a new passion, a new self-expression. No more pondering over perfection and opinions. If I could be even slightly as selfless, as confident, as genuine as Gary is, I’d consider my life successful. And for that, I’m willing to put in the work.

Because the time is now, and the place is here. Do what you love, love it with all your heart and might. That’s what drives happiness and this world needs more of it.

As for me, I’m going to follow DRock’s advice and do more –  more expression, more stories, more effort to build connection, make positivity louder, spread love, with love.

Because that’s all we need, that’s all that is enough. Because it really is, all about love.

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