I Don’t Want A Job

I want a PURPOSE.

Like the thousands that graduated with me this May, making it in the real world, is on top of my mind. But there’s a little difference – I don’t want to get just any job.

I don’t want a job just to pay my rent, and my bills, and the loans, and the New York City lifestyle. I don’t want a job just so I can leave the house everyday and stay occupied for the most part of it. I don’t want a job just to mechanically apply all that I’ve learnt over these years. And I certainly don’t want a job which makes me look forward to the weekend.

People often say to me, don’t get caught up in what your first job is. And for the most part I agree. I do agree that it may not be ideal, or even exactly what I want to. Hell, I may not even know exactly what it is that I want to do!

I see so many people stressing out over the industry, the nature of the role, and the salary of course – to them and all the rest of us I want to say one thing – Know your value, know what you bring to the table, don’t undervalue yourself but also remember that with hard work and perseverance, success is imminent. You may not start exactly how you planned in your head, but the important thing is to start. Take risks, don’t be afraid to find your passion, and if you do, go hard after it! Run, don’t walk, because now is the time that you can. You can compromise on things that you want (not what you need), you can put in long hours, you can just think about yourself. Face it – this is the best time of our lives.

Most of us are so caught up in “getting a job”, we forget the real part starts with the job. That’s where you are going to be spending most of your time. That’s what is going to contribute to your growth. That’s what is going to ultimately bring you satisfaction when you see the value your hard work brings in. That’s what I am looking forward to.

Someone who I greatly admire once told me, nothing ever happens overnight. So, persevere. Reach out to people. Make connections. Absorb all the knowledge from everywhere. Don’t let the No’s bring you down, because there will come a time for your perfect YES. Really believe that you will be fine. (Follow Tony Lee – @sHecKii to get inspired by his journey)

Patient and positive. Easier said than done, this should be our mantra in this period where we are trying to find that one perfect opportunity to prove ourselves. The thing is life is not perfect, and neither is any opportunity. But there is such a thing as perfect timing, and when that happens it’s on you to be ready. Don’t be afraid to take decisions, because there really is no right or wrong – but be sure to make informed decisions. Weigh out your priorities, your goals, and choose the path that will help you grow in that direction. Yes there are many hurdles (many more for us international students!), many rejections, many trials, but they are all lessons in disguise.

This is not a blog on how to land your perfect job, but one to share my story with you all – a story that is common to more people than you think. We are in the same place, feeling the same things – overwhelmed, stressed, freaked out! But at the end of it, I know it will all be just fine – if you are willing to hustle of course!

I really believe this is a process, one that is going to be my best teacher. Today, somewhere in the middle of my journey, I can see where I was, where I am, and where I really want to be. I have realized my passion, my purpose. GaryVee – my north star.

And I’m going all in on this – on myself.

P.S: @garyvee If you are reading this, thank you for giving me a purpose – I will work with you. 


  1. Often people forget what they really want & get engrossed in the daily activities
    Then after days realize that they’ve wasted so much time being something else
    I hope everyone reads this & gets himself/herself a good start
    A start where they should be, a start they deserve

    And yes all the best for your job

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