Love-less ?

If love is just another emotion like anger or joy or sorrow, how can it be interpreted so differently by people? Is not feeling love such a bad thing? Is it even possible?  You love someone so much, your entire life and for what? To lose them one day in some way or the other. Who decided that love can leave the relationship? You never stop loving your parents or your children. So how is love different for different relationships? You either love someone or you don’t. There are no conditions in love. It’s simple. If you love, you must forgive and forget. Love consumes you. You can’t undo it. Some say it’s better to have someone, anyone even if it means you lose yourself in the midst of all the love. But is it really what will keep you happy? Is it better nowadays to love less? Or should one compromise with this adulterated form of convenient love? What then will become of the people who love truly and completely? Well I guess that form is not appreciated anymore. Love is not for convenience or pleasure. Love is a connection, a bond, a promise to be there no matter what, even when you know you will lose that person one day. The question is who is bold enough to really keep the promise?

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