Inner Peace?

There is a fine line between any two commodities, one good and the other devastating. Genius and evil, angry and depressed, optimistic and delusional, also rich and ‘filthy’ rich. My point of contemplation being: how does one decipher such a fine line and whether it is being crossed or not?  Many times anger is good once vented out and dealt with, but if not dealt with leads to a severe mental trauma and depression as well. All our lives we strive to be peaceful and happy. Only such a mind can work true genius. Absence of either leads to the genius mind turning evil. How can you be satisfied with what you have? How not to let materialistic things affect your inner happiness? How to be positive and productive? The answer to all this is very simple. Inner Peace. But achieving it? Almost impossible for a normal human being, without true effort. One has to be very evolved and mature in many aspects to find inner peace. The fine line is distinguished, and you always know what to proceed with. One has to rise above worldly emotions and literally let go of all ties that bind you, especially to negativity. However, it is easy to talk and preach this, yet as difficult to practice. It is only your own self-determination and state of mind that can help you achieve inner peace. And yet no one knows if it is truly ever achieved. But all you can do is keep trying.

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