Once upon a time,
Every story starts,
Start of you, start of me,
The start of life, a reality.

A moment in time,
Is all it takes,
And life as you know it,
Has forever changed.

You cannot go back,
It’s time to move on,
Time to get up,
Get ready to go on.

We think we have time,
Infinite for all our life,
Life although,
Is only finite.

We’ve got time,
You and me equally,
One truth, one lie,
Time isn’t a commodity.

You can’t measure it,
You might think you do,
Quantity, quality, all of eternity.

Time waits for none,
No it doesn’t need to,
You try to outrun it with speed,
Oh what a fool,
You will lose.

You plan to escape it,
Do nothing at all,
Or plan to control it,
Do it all now.

A dangerous thought,
Deadly even,
And you just missed it,
Your time, now.

To think you can spend it,
Waste it, kill it even,
That is an illusion,
Far from reality.

It’s not yours,
Or mine,
Or ours to have.

All we have get is a choice.

Make one timely.

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