High Hopes

Celtic Sisters – @prashita @meghali

There’s a lot going on /
So much change all around /
It makes me worry I’ll forget /
The things that make life great /
The things that made me me /
All those cherished memories /
So much in my head /
A million new things every breath /
Will all those old memories fade /
With so much love that I’d made /
Then a funny thing happens /
Sinatra pops up in my tunes /
“So any time you’re gettin’ low
‘Stead of lettin’ go”
Just remember the things that matter /
Will stay with you no matter /
So… have high hopes /

Listening to “High Hopes” play out of nowhere took me back to the golden days of school, the ones I’d go back to in a heart beat, to my beginnings, the foundation of my core, so much of which I see myself return to. In an instant it gave me hope, no actually joy, to know that I was blessed with so much in my life, that I wasn’t in this alone, that I had my memories with me all through, and along with those memories, the people who made them memorable.
In this one simple moment, I knew I never had to worry about forgetting all those moments that are such a huge part of who I am – they will forever be etched in my essence.

This post is dedicated to my true essence, my Celtic Sisters – you keep my hopes, my life high ❤ 


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