An Act

ab1bea1938296b679e45c1597e626ad1--war-quotes-movie-quotesEvery single time that I watch Schindler’s List, I an overwhelmed and overpowered by emotion, emotion no amount of tears do justice to. It comes down to one life-altering fact – an act, of kindness.

If all the world’s a stage, and all of life’s a play, then in the many acts of it, in our lives, we play so many roles, wear so many masks, change so many shades.

Years have gone by since the movie was made, on a time of war that is now a tale, told and retold, an exemplar of ruthless, cynical power, that beholds horror, for which so many died, and such few lived to retell.

But what has changed other than the time, which goes on by no matter what lives or dies.
We still kill with cruelty, every thought and belief that may seem different than our own. We still use power as a weapon of destruction, more fatal than any weapon of war.
We still live in an imbalance of money, religion, love, creed, and race.
We live in the boundaries of our own beliefs and ignorance, with such less thought to anything slightly different , and much less acceptance of something remotely dissimilar.

In adversity is born the real meaning of life, the purpose for your existence.
And yet we feed hate and treat each other with contempt.

If only we were to experience one small act of kindness, I believe it would change the way we think.
If only we were aware of one small act of kindness, I believe it would change the way we perceive this life.
If only we were brave enough to conduct an act of kindness, selfless and genuine, I believe it would change the way we live.
If only we realized the value of an act of kindness, it would change the world, it would change a life.

“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”

In the end it is not how much money you make, the power you stake, or the people you break, but the legacy you build, the way you make people feel, the impressions you leave – those are the things that that give meaning to your life.

If today I were to pick my closing act, my strife,
I know I have a purpose much larger than just life,
A life that is simply ambition, money, and comfort,
I’d trade it all in, just to take away the hurt,
If I could change the life of one hurting heart,
I’d know I’m on my way to fulfilling my part,
I know I have a larger purpose, many more things to do,
A bigger role that I need to step up to,
For the stage is ready and the play is on happiness,
And this is no fleeting scene, but an entire act of kindness.

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