A Missed Flight

So I missed my flight. A first.IMG_1375

Running across the line for security, down the escalator towards that god forsaken gate B35 (of course it had to be right under, way down to the left), I felt the ache in my feet, the shortness in my breath – “Give up”, “Yeah you’d like that, right?”

I dragged myself to that gate, almost tripping over my half worn shoes, stumbling to the counter, “I’m on that flight! Please!”

“Ma’am, are you going to Amsterdam?”

Oh man! Was at at the wrong gate? Wrong terminal? Had I not checked, and rechecked these details? I confirmed the gate number only to realize the flight had already taken off. 6:26 PM. Just a minute over. That should teach me a lesson.

Truth is, I could’ve left earlier. Did I have to run that report then? Probably not. But did I need to know the answer to if I could – hell yes!

So here I am, at the bourgeois airport restaurant – a sandwich, a Coke, my laptop – what more do I need?

Now I’m thinking, why am I so happy to miss this flight? As excited as I am to meet my sister in SF, celebrate her big day, sitting here, simply gazing at all these flights against the clear twilight sky, doing the things I love the most – this is happiness.

I’ve recently found the same joy in design, as I find in my writing. Design in numbers. That’s me now, designing numbers. And I plan to own it.

It’s been a busy week, a week of change. This weekend, a whirlpool of excitement.
So really, this extra hour at the airport, it’s exactly what I needed – to think, reflect, catch up with myself.

Even a year ago, I could never have had this perspective – so positive, grateful – which now sets the tone for my life. I find positivity coming most naturally to me, gratitude, even more so. Because really what is the point in anything? Like all things, what begins must end, what’s remaining in between is this thing we often forget to live – life.

Every new experience is worth living, worth remembering. We never really lose, only learn. And me? I want to be a student for life!



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