Going Gonzo

Unabridged. Unadulterated. Unbridled.gogonzo

Lately, I’m seeing a pattern in my life, where I stumble upon things that are perfectly aligned with my thoughts, only to augment my vision, enrich my perspective.

They say as soon as you start owning your own, initiate that first intent toward your goal, the universe actualizes every effort to align with you. I say it’s not the universe, it’s you.

The more I think about who I want to be, the more it provokes me to think about where I come from. The clarity of having my eye on the North Star, that has been a journey through the clouds and fogs of real experience.

Experience. That’s where it all began.

It was the search for meaningful connections that drew me to express through my words, the curiosity to explore the realm of the human mind which manifested through culture, behavior. Even as a child what excited me most about family holidays was the opportunity to live someone else’s life, for that brief period, be someone else, experience life as they know it. And as much as I liked to live in hotels, I secretly enjoyed it more when we stayed with the locals. I wanted to know everything about their way of life, I would want to eat what they did, wear what they did, go where they did. In hindsight, I now realize that’s where I started to draw from experiences, make sense of them, of people and their origin, and how that played a role in my life. Some of my most defining memories were born through others’ stories, that have stayed as vivid experiences with me even today.

The hotel concierge in Singapore, Linda – her poise, her warmth, the fuzzy family kind of feeling she exuded. I was just a child then, and yet I remember that as though it was yesterday. Her ability to make you feel that way – that has stayed with me.

Today, in the present as is, I continue to draw from such experiences, not from the facts of it, but from the feels of it. And you know what? Today I am a medium of experience, for others, our stories entwined, connected in feeling. This is what defines me, my effort, my mission – to build experiences, connect people, stories, to stumble upon.

Check out Junior Strategy – that’s where I drew this experience, and much more – from Yulia Yushchik and her POV on Going Gonzo.

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