When David Shing Made Me Meet GaryVee


Oh yeah I met HIM!

This is what Dream Come True looks like.

Some of you might have read one of my previous posts on how GaryVee introduced me to David Shing. Well today, I’m going to tell you how David Shing made my dream of meeting GaryVee a reality!

When I wrote that post I had thought, boy if these two were ever in one room together….explosive!
Cut to few months down the line when I open my inbox to see what could be one of the BEST email’s I’ve received. Yes GaryVee and Shingy in one room, in a conversation: Intrapreneur Vs Entrepreneur. Unable to contain my excitement I tweet about it to Gary immediately. Nowadays I’m in a DO mode, so I think, I’ve been in touch with David, why not share my excitement with him too! I write him an enthusiastic email and dive back into work. At the end of the day on the train ride back, I reminisce about the last year when I did get to go for the amazing Advertising Week New York with the affordable (almost ridiculously discounted) NYU student pass. I check my email to see David’s response inviting me for his events – yes the one with Gary too! In what now seems a whirlwind of events I sit writing here today, just hours after being a part of what I can only designate as a dream come true! In these past two days, I’ve heard David talk about the future, AND one of the most REAL conversations between him and GaryVee – what this means to me (and what I want the key takeaway from this post to be) is – If you want something, go for it. Period.

When you become aware of who you truly are, everything becomes a hell lot better! And don’t take it from me, take it from the man himself. Yes, I attest that.

I remember the day, I had my first interaction with Gary, a random thank you from him on IG – that feeling made it the best day ever! And there were many such that followed which made me feel that way. But today kicks all of those best days’ asses! And the most important reason for it (apart from meeting Gary of course!) is that I am 100% positive there will be many more to come, and you bet I will hustle for it! Being relentless is who I am, and with a cause for it, there’s no stopping me. That being said, both the stars of the day endorse persistence..

I’m big on purpose, and am currently on the path of finding mine, which is why I hope that through my writing and experiences, some of you will find value that may have a positive impact of on your life. Because God knows, we need to make positivity louder!

I’m still reeling in my excitement from today, which is a huge impetus for me to DO. This is it, this passion that I feel, that drives me to be better everyday – and sometimes I fail, but then there are times that I succeed – it’s how you tackle your losses and leverage your wins that matters. So take a moment and think about what YOU want, what drives YOU, who do YOU really want to be – and work hard as hell to lead your journey through the ups and downs. Because when you do get that mix right, magic happens! Or wait – YOU make magic happen!

~ NT


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