The Day GaryVee Introduced Me to David Shing

Wait. How?meta-image

Well lately I’ve been more of a practitioner of The GaryVee way, and wow has it paved way for some exciting experiences. I’m not just talking about employing his hustle mode to go out and achieve your goals, but also using the technology to make that happen faster.

A couple of days back, I saw an Instagram post from Cannes Lions, asking viewers to send in a creativity exercise for their Thank You Creativity website. I immediately got down to sending in my post – result of becoming more proactive in my hustle (inspiration DailyVee 017). When in doubt, trust the experts – was featured on the Daily Creativity section and I was informed through a tweet. My title – Design Thinker, something I had not mentioned in my email. Although I had the link to my LinkedIn as well as my blog in the email. What does this tell you? Your digital presence is your face in the real world. So make sure you’re there and doing it right.

I immediately tweeted it out to Gary, David Shing – as they are the sources of my inspiration. A few hours later, I get a message on Twitter from David Shing himself! I connect with him instantly and grab myself a potential meeting with him soon enough.

The whole point of this is to emphasize the “internet” of things. Don’t be reluctant to embrace technology for putting yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. And most importantly, if you are truly passionate about something, employ every medium to communicate it. Spend your time in the clouds and the dirt.



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