What Is The Best Medium?

Originally published on Medium

You don’t write to say something. You write because you have something to say.

I’m a writer. I write out of pure passion. But who said passion can’t be combined into value? I suffer from what I call cultural limitations. I grew up with a lot of interests which if I look at now, are valuable skills. I spent a lot of my childhood my grandmother, a devout of the English language, reading Shakespeare and discussing grammar. In her last few years, she got down to writing a book, which in theory had a lot of research, but when she spoke to me about it, I simply saw it as a story that conveyed a message. Today, I look back and realize that my love for language, and story, started early on, but remained obscure from the world until recently. My English teacher in school, Mrs Joshi, saw that passion within me, and till today she has one of the strongest influence in my writing style. There was nothing more I liked, that writing that 300 word essay in class, weaving a story in those 30 minutes of class. Coming back to why I said I suffer from cultural limitations. This passion that I had, that I kept to myself, could’ve been converted to value, had I been encouraged to groom its as a skill, had I had the technology (or knowledge of it) to put my story out there. I made a shift from my diaries to a blog in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I realized how much I could do with it. I guess what I’m really trying to convey here is that passion and inspiration is everywhere. You may have it all along, all around you. Self-awareness is the key to unlocking your medium. As for me, now that I have found my true calling, I need to be on the right medium (pun intended).

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