What’s The Worst That Can Happen?


You might fail. But wait it can get worse. You may NEVER know what happens. And that’s only because you didn’t try. We lose chances, valuable opportunities, everyday, when we waste time thinking about the consequences. This doesn’t mean tomorrow if you think about jumping from the rooftop of your building just to see what happens, you should do it. There is such a thing called common sense. For everything else, just listen to your heart.

Now how does any of this have anything to do with marketing? Well everything!

I’d been contemplating since the past many days about what am I most passionate about, and what holds me back from doing it?  Then I watched DailyVee #23, and as though he knew exactly what I needed to hear, Gary Vaynerchuk said, “Everybody has  talent that can bring happiness. You just have to know what you are made of, not worry about what everyone else thinks, and just go ALL IN on yourself.”

So I’ve decided, no matter what, I will put out more content in the world, like I said the last time, content that is authentically me. That’s what gives me happiness, that’s what drives me everyday – stories that are meaningful and real. CEhKDjJW8AQIrQ5

Every brand today (and remember you yourself are a brand) needs to weave its story, and communicate that in the best way possible. Also, consistently. Because putting out content that is at 85% is better than no content at all. What’s worse than failing – not trying.

This is where I strive to bring in value, being the writer of that story for the marketing world. Words are my elixir and I believe in the power of a good story. So here’s to many more of them!

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