The Inception

One of my favorite things at Grad School so far has been this “so called” assignment to maintain a blog. I say “so called” because writing a blog to me is as free coupons to a shopaholic! Writing has always been my passion. Although early on I never thought that I would be able to write for anyone other than my own eye, but here I am at the inception of maintaining my very own blog, an attempt I made a couple of years back, but have found my incentive in my Digital Marketing class (thanks to Professor Joanne Tombrakos) to carry forward.

I studied Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate degree, something I had a liking but never a zeal for. Those 4 years were quite a dormant period for me. The decision journey from there to change fields to Marketing has been quite revolutionary.  It is now that I find myself delve into deeper aspects of my personality, challenge that potential within me to reach new horizons. The only thing that didn’t change but deepened with time was my affair with writing.


It’s quite fascinating that once in the right place, how tiny things that matter in life just fall in together. Choosing to be a Marketer brought me to live in the city of my dreams – New York City! Just getting accepted into NYU did leaps and bounds to my curbed confidence. Only 5 months in this city and I have transformed back to the bold, outgoing woman from the reserved, introverted girl. There is a new adventure awaiting, a new person to be inspired from, a new lesson to learn, a new place to explore, a new cuisine to try every single day. Studying is no longer just studying, and assignments aren’t just assignments, neither are exams just exams! It is just a long, continuous process of reading, learning and applying some amazing theories and concepts of this dynamic field of Marketing. Classes are more like discussions, professors like mentors, and classmates as individual inspirational stories. Here’s to blogging about each new lesson learned, adventure encountered, and inspiration realized. On that note I can safely say I have found my haven and can wait to embark on this exciting new journey.

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